Definitions for: Fritter

[n] small quantity of fried batter containing fruit or meat or vegetables
[v] spend frivolously and unwisely; "Fritter away one's inheritance"

Webster (1913) Definition: Frit"ter, n. [OR. fritour, friture, pancake, F.
friture frying, a thing fried, from frire to fry. See Far,
v. t.]
1. A small quantity of batter, fried in boiling lard or in a
frying pan. Fritters are of various kinds, named from the
substance inclosed in the batter; as, apple fritters, clam
fritters, oyster fritters.

2. A fragment; a shred; a small piece.

And cut whole giants into fritters. --Hudibras.

Corn fritter. See under Corn.

Frit"ter, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Frittered; p. pr. &
vb. n. Frittering.]
1. To cut, as meat, into small pieces, for frying.

2. To break into small pieces or fragments.

Break all nerves, and fritter all their sense.

To fritter away, to diminish; to pare off; to reduce to
nothing by taking away a little at a time; also, to waste
piecemeal; as, to fritter away time, strength, credit,

Synonyms: dissipate, fool, fool away, fritter away, frivol away, shoot

See Also: apple fritter, consume, corn fritter, deplete, eat, eat up, exhaust, friedcake, run through, squander, use up, ware, waste, wipe out

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