Definitions for: Fragrance

[n] a pleasingly sweet olfactory property
[n] a distinctive odor that is pleasant

Webster (1913) Definition: Fra"grance, Fragrancy Fra"gran*cy, n. [L.
fragrantia: cf. OF. fragrance.]
The quality of being fragrant; sweetness of smell; a sweet
smell; a pleasing odor; perfume.

Eve separate he spies, Veiled in a cloud of fragrance.

The goblet crowned, Breathed aromatic fragrancies
around. --Pope.

Synonyms: aroma, bouquet, perfume, redolence, scent, sweetness

See Also: aroma, incense, odor, odor, odour, odour, olfactory perception, olfactory property, olfactory sensation, scent, smell, smell

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