Definitions for: Follower

[n] an ordinary person who accepts the leadership of another
[n] someone who travels behind or pursues another

Webster (1913) Definition: Fol"low*er, n. [OE. folwere, AS. folgere.]
1. One who follows; a pursuer; an attendant; a disciple; a
dependent associate; a retainer.

2. A sweetheart; a beau. [Colloq.] --A. Trollope.

3. (Steam Engine)
(a) The removable flange, or cover, of a piston. See
Illust. of Piston.
(b) A gland. See Illust. of Stuffing box.

4. (Mach.) The part of a machine that receives motion from
another part. See Driver.

5. Among law stationers, a sheet of parchment or paper which
is added to the first sheet of an indenture or other deed.

Syn: Imitator; copier; disciple; adherent; partisan;
dependent; attendant.

Antonyms: leader

See Also: adherent, adulator, afficionado, buff, camp follower, chaser, cultist, devotee, disciple, dweeb, fan, feudatory, flatterer, flunkey, flunky, hanger-on, human, individual, inferior, janissary, leech, liege, liege subject, liegeman, lover, mortal, myrmidon, Newtonian, parasite, person, planet, pursuer, regular, respecter, satellite, shadow, shadower, sheep, Skinnerian, somebody, someone, soul, sponge, sponger, Stalinist, stooge, submitter, subordinate, subsidiary, tagalong, tail, traveler, traveller, underling, vassal, yes-man

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