Definitions for: Five

[n] a team that plays basketball
[n] the cardinal number that is the sum of four and one
[adj] being one more than four

Webster (1913) Definition: Five, a. [OE. fif, five, AS. f[=i]f, f[=i]fe; akin to D.
vijf, OS. f[=i]f, OHG. finf, funf, G. f["u]nf, Icel. fimm,
Sw. & Sw. Dan. fem, Goth. fimf, Lith. penki, W. pump, OIr.
c['o]ic, L. quinque, Gr. ?, [AE]ol. ?, Skr. pa?can.
[root]303. Cf. Fifth, Cinque, Pentagon, Punch the
drink, Quinary.]
Four and one added; one more than four.

Five nations (Ethnol.), a confederacy of the Huron-Iroquois
Indians, consisting of five tribes: Mohawks, Onondagas,
Cayugas, Oneidas, and Senecas. They inhabited the region
which is now the State of new York.

Five (f[imac]v), n.
1. The number next greater than four, and less than six; five
units or objects.

Five of them were wise, and five were foolish.
--Matt. xxv.

2. A symbol representing this number, as 5, or V.

Synonyms: 5, 5, basketball team, cardinal, cinque, fin, fivesome, Little Phoebe, pentad, Phoebe, quint, quintet, quintuplet, V, v

See Also: basketball league, center, digit, figure, forward, guard, squad, team

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