Definitions for: Fastening

[n] the act of fastening things together
[n] restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place

Webster (1913) Definition: Fas"ten*ing, n.
Anything that binds and makes fast, as a lock, catch, bolt,
bar, buckle, etc.

Synonyms: attachment, fastener, fixing, holdfast

See Also: bellyband, bonding, buckle, button, carabiner, catch, clasp, cleat, clip, clothes peg, clothes pin, clothespin, connection, connexion, constraint, corrugated fastener, cottar, cotter, cringle, dowel, dowel pin, doweling, earthing, eyelet, fillet, fixation, grommet, grounding, grummet, hook and eye, joggle, joining, karabiner, knot, lashing, ligature, link, linkage, linkup, lock, locker, loop, nail, nut and bolt, paper fastener, pin, press stud, restraint, screw, seal, sealing wax, slide fastener, snap fastener, snap ring, soldering, stopping, tie, tie-in, tying, welding, wiggle nail, zip, zip-fastener, zipper

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