Definitions for: Facsimile

[n] duplicator that transmits the copy by wire or radio
[n] an exact copy or reproduction
[v] send something via a facsimile machine; "Can you fax me the report right away?"

Webster (1913) Definition: Fac*sim"i*le, n.; pl. Facsimiles (-l?z). [L. fac
simile make like; or an abbreviation of factum simile made
like; facere to make + similes like. See Fact, and
A copy of anything made, either so as to be deceptive or so
as to give every part and detail of the original; an exact
copy or likeness.

Facsimile telegraph, a telegraphic apparatus reproducing
messages in autograph.

Fac*sim"i*le,, v. t.
To make a facsimile of.

Synonyms: autotype, facsimile machine, fax, fax, telefax

See Also: copier, copy, duplicator, telecommunicate

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