Definitions for: Execute

[v] sign in the presence of witnesses
[v] bring to execution; "carry out a task"; "carry out the surgery"
[v] to act or perform an action; "John did the painting, the weeding, and he cleaned out the gutters"
[v] socially sanctioned killing as a means of punishment; "In some states, criminals are executed"
[v] murder execution-style
[v] extend beyond reasonable limits; "carry too far"; "She carries her ideas to the extreme"
[v] carry out the legalities of; "execute a will or a deed"

Webster (1913) Definition: Ex"e*cute, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Executed; p. pr. &
vb. n. Executing.] [F. ex['e]cuter, L. executus, exsecutus,
p. p. of exequi to follow to the end, pursue; ex out + sequi
to follow. See Second, Sue to follow up, and cf.
1. To follow out or through to the end; to carry out into
complete effect; to complete; to finish; to effect; to

Why delays His hand to execute what his decree Fixed
on this day? --Milton.

2. To complete, as a legal instrument; to perform what is
required to give validity to, as by signing and perhaps
sealing and delivering; as, to execute a deed, lease,
mortgage, will, etc.

3. To give effect to; to do what is provided or required by;
to perform the requirements or stimulations of; as, to
execute a decree, judgment, writ, or process.

4. To infect capital punishment on; to put to death in
conformity to a legal sentence; as, to execute a traitor.

5. Too put to death illegally; to kill. [Obs.] --Shak.

6. (Mus.) To perform, as a piece of music, either on an
instrument or with the voice; as, to execute a difficult
part brilliantly.

Syn: To accomplish; effect; fulfill; achieve; consummate;
finish; complete. See Accomplish.

Ex"e*cute, v. i.
1. To do one's work; to act one's part of purpose. [R.]

2. To perform musically.

Synonyms: accomplish, carry, carry out, carry through, fulfil, fulfill, put to death

See Also: ad-lib, appear, apply, blaze away, bring about, bump off, burn, carry, churn out, click off, complete, complete, conduct, consummate, crucify, cut, cut corners, declaim, direct, discharge, dispatch, do, effect, effect, effectuate, enforce, extemporise, extemporize, finish, get over, give, hang, hit, implement, impose, improvise, improvize, interpret, kill, lead, make, murder, penalise, penalize, perfect, perform, pipe up, polish off, practice, practise, premier, premiere, punish, recite, rehearse, remove, render, run, scamp, serenade, set up, sight-read, sign, slay, star, string up, stunt

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