Definitions for: Entity

[n] that which is perceived or known or inferred to have its own physical existence (living or nonliving)

Webster (1913) Definition: En"ti*ty, n.; pl. Entities. [LL. entitas, fr. L. ens,
entis, thing, prop. p. pr. of esse to be: cf. F. entit['e].
See Essence, Is.]
A real being, whether in thought (as an ideal conception) or
in fact; being; essence; existence.

Self-subsisting entities, such as our own personality.

Fortune is no real entity, . . . but a mere relative
signification. --Bentley.

Synonyms: physical thing

See Also: anticipation, body of water, building block, causal agency, causal agent, cause, content, depicted object, enclosure, essential, expanse, imaginary place, inessential, location, matter, natural enclosure, necessary, necessity, nonessential, object, part, physical object, piece, requirement, requisite, sky, subject, substance, thing, unit, variable, water

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