Definitions for: Eleven

[n] a team that plays football
[n] the cardinal number that is the sum of ten and one
[adj] being one more than ten

Webster (1913) Definition: E*lev"en ([-e]*l[e^]v"'n), a. [OE. enleven, AS.
endleofan, endlufon, for nleofan; akin to LG. eleve, ["o]lwe,
["o]lwen, D. elf, G. elf, eilf, OHG. einlif, Icel. ellifu,
Sw. elfva, Dan. elleve, Goth. ainlif, cf. Lith. v["e]nolika;
and fr. the root of E. one + (prob.) a root signifying ``to
be left over, remain,'' appearing in E. loan, or perh. in
leave, v. t., life. See One, and cf. Twelve.]
Ten and one added; as, eleven men.

E*lev"en, n.
1. The sum of ten and one; eleven units or objects.

2. A symbol representing eleven units, as 11 or xi.

3. (Cricket & American Football) The eleven men selected to
play on one side in a match, as the representatives of a
club or a locality; as, the all-England eleven.

Synonyms: 11, 11, cardinal, football team, XI, xi

See Also: backfield, center, end, field general, football league, fullback, guard, halfback, large integer, line backer, linebacker, linemen, quarterback, secondary, signal caller, squad, tackle, tailback, team, wingback

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