Definitions for: Electric Circuit

[n] an electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow

Synonyms: circuit, electrical circuit

See Also: bridge, bridge circuit, bridged-T, bypass, capacitance, capacitor, choke, choke coil, choking coil, clipper, closed circuit, computer circuit, condenser, data link, delay line, electrical condenser, electrical device, electrical relay, electrical shunt, electron tube, electronic equipment, feedback circuit, feedback loop, flip-flop, limiter, link, loop, open circuit, pulse timing circuit, relay, resistance, resistor, resonant circuit, resonator, series circuit, short, short circuit, shunt, squelch, squelch circuit, squelcher, tank circuit, thermionic tube, thermionic vacuum tube, thermionic valve, T-network, tube, vacuum tube, wiring

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