Definitions for: Duplex

[n] an apartment having rooms on two floors that are connected by a staircase
[n] a house with two units sharing a common wall
[adj] (telecommunication) allowing communication in opposite directions simultaneously; "duplex system"; "duplex telephony"
[adj] (used technically of a device or process) having two parts; "a duplex transaction"

Webster (1913) Definition: Du"plex, a. [L., fr. duo two + plicare to fold. See
Two, and Complex.]
Double; twofold.

Duplex escapement, a peculiar kind of watch escapement, in
which the scape-wheel has two sets of teeth. See

Duplex lathe, one for turning off, screwing, and surfacing,
by means of two cutting tools, on opposite sides of the
piece operated upon.

Duplex pumping engine, a steam pump in which two steam
cylinders are placed side by side, one operating the
valves of the other.

Duplex querela [L., double complaint] (Eccl. Law), a
complaint in the nature of an appeal from the ordinary to
his immediate superior, as from a bishop to an archbishop.
--Mozley & W.

Duplex telegraphy, a system of telegraphy for sending two
messages over the same wire simultaneously.

Duplex watch, one with a duplex escapement.

Du"plex, v. t. [See Duplex, a.] (Teleg.)
To arrange, as a telegraph line, so that two messages may be
transmitted simultaneously; to equip with a duplex
telegraphic outfit.

Synonyms: bidirectional, duplex apartment, duplex house, multiple, semidetached house

See Also: apartment, flat, house

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