Definitions for: Driving

[n] the act of controlling and steering the movement of a vehicle or animal
[n] hitting a golf ball off of a tee with a driver; "he sliced his drive out of bounds"
[adj] having the power of driving or impelling; "a driving personal ambition"; "the driving force was his innate enthusiasm"; "an impulsive force"
[adj] acting with vigor; "responsibility turned the spoiled playboy into a driving young executive"

Webster (1913) Definition: Driv"ing, a.
1. Having great force of impulse; as, a driving wind or

2. Communicating force; impelling; as, a driving shaft.

Driving axle, the axle of a driving wheel, as in a

Driving box (Locomotive), the journal box of a driving
axle. See Illust. of Locomotive.

Driving note (Mus.), a syncopated note; a tone begun on a
weak part of a measure and held through the next accented
part, thus anticipating the accent and driving it through.

Driving spring, a spring fixed upon the box of the driving
axle of a locomotive engine to support the weight and
deaden shocks. [Eng.] --Weale.

Driving wheel (Mach.), a wheel that communicates motion;
one of the large wheels of a locomotive to which the
connecting rods of the engine are attached; -- called
also, simply, driver. See Illust. of Locomotive.

Driv"ing, n.
1. The act of forcing or urging something along; the act of
pressing or moving on furiously.

2. Tendency; drift. [R.]

Synonyms: drive, dynamic, dynamical, energetic, impulsive

See Also: direction, golf shot, golf stroke, guidance, motoring, steering, swing, travel, traveling, travelling

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