Definitions for: Dinner

[n] the main meal of the day served in the evening or at midday; "dinner will be at 8"; "on Sundays they had a large dinner when they returned from church"
[n] a party of people assembled to have dinner together; "guests should never be late to a dinner party"

Webster (1913) Definition: Din"ner, n. [F. d[^i]ner, fr. d[^i]ner to dine. See
1. The principal meal of the day, eaten by most people about
midday, but by many (especially in cities) at a later

2. An entertainment; a feast.

A grand political dinner. --Tennyson.

Note: Dinner is much used, in an obvious sense, either
adjectively or as the first part of a compound; as,
dinner time, or dinner-time, dinner bell, dinner hour,

Synonyms: dinner party

See Also: banquet, beanfeast, feast, high tea, meal, party, repast

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