Definitions for: Denomination

[n] identifying word or words by which someone or something is called and classified or distinguished from others
[n] a class of one kind of unit in a system of numbers or measures or weights or money; "he flashed a fistful of bills of large denominations"
[n] a group of religious congregations having its own organization and a distinctive faith

Webster (1913) Definition: De*nom`i*na"tion, n. [L. denominatio metonymy:
cf. F. d['e]nomination a naming.]
1. The act of naming or designating.

2. That by which anything is denominated or styled; an
epithet; a name, designation, or title; especially, a
general name indicating a class of like individuals; a
category; as, the denomination of units, or of thousands,
or of fourths, or of shillings, or of tons.

Those [qualities] which are classed under the
denomination of sublime. --Burke.

3. A class, or society of individuals, called by the same
name; a sect; as, a denomination of Christians.

Syn: Name; appellation; title. See Name.

Synonyms: appellation, appellative, designation

See Also: believer, category, class, cognomen, communion, congregation, faithful, family, fold, moniker, name, nickname, organisation, organization, Protestant denomination, sobriquet, soubriquet, title, worshiper, worshipper

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