Definitions for: Demesne

[n] territory over which rule or control is exercised; "his domain extended into Europe"; "he made it the law of the land"
[n] extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use; "the family owned a large estate on Long Island"

Webster (1913) Definition: De*mesne", n. [OE. demeine, demain, rule, demesne, OF.
demeine, demaine, demeigne, domaine, power, F. domaine
domain, fr. L. dominium property, right of ownership, fr.
dominus master, proprietor, owner. See Dame, and cf.
Demain, Domain, Danger, Dungeon.] (Law)
A lord's chief manor place, with that part of the lands
belonging thereto which has not been granted out in tenancy;
a house, and the land adjoining, kept for the proprietor's
own use. [Written also demain.] --Wharton's Law Dict.

Ancient demesne. (Eng. Law) See under Ancient.

Synonyms: acres, domain, estate, land, land, landed estate

See Also: archduchy, barony, barony, country, countryseat, Crown land, duchy, dukedom, earldom, emirate, empire, entail, feoff, fief, fiefdom, freehold, glebe, grand duchy, hacienda, homestead, kingdom, Kingdom of God, leasehold, manor, plantation, princedom, principality, real estate, real property, realm, realty, region, seigneury, seigniory, sheikdom, sheikhdom, signory, smallholding, state, suzerainty, viscounty

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