Definitions for: Crossing

[n] traveling across
[n] a voyage across a body of water (usually across the Atlantic Ocean)
[n] the act of mixing different breeds of animals
[n] a path (often marked) where a street or railroad can be crossed
[n] a junction where one street or road crosses another
[n] a point where two lines (paths or arcs etc.) intersect
[n] a shallow area in a stream that can be forded

Webster (1913) Definition: Cross"ing, n. [See Cross, v. t. ]
1. The act by which anything is crossed; as, the crossing of
the ocean.

2. The act of making the sign of the cross. --Bp. Hall.

3. The act of interbreeding; a mixing of breeds.

4. Intersection, as of two paths or roads.

5. A place where anything (as a stream) is crossed; a paved
walk across a street.

6. Contradiction; thwarting; obstruction.

I do not bear these crossings. --Shak.

Synonyms: carrefour, cross, crossbreeding, crossroad, crosswalk, crossway, ford, hybridisation, hybridization, hybridizing, interbreeding, intersection

See Also: body of water, conjugation, corner, coupling, ford, fording, grade crossing, grade separation, junction, level crossing, mating, pairing, path, pedestrian crossing, point, road, route, sexual union, stream, street corner, travel, traveling, travelling, traversal, traverse, turning point, union, voyage, water, watercourse, zebra crossing

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