Definitions for: Crook

[n] a long staff with one end being hook shaped
[n] someone who has committed (or been legally convicted of) a crime
[n] a circular segment of a curve; "a bend in the road"; "a crook in the path"
[v] bend or cause to bend

Webster (1913) Definition: Crook (kr[oo^]k), n. [OE. crok; akin to Icel. kr[onac]kr
hook, bend, SW. krok, Dan. krog, OD. krooke; or cf. Gael.
crocan crook, hook, W. crwca crooked. Cf. Crosier,
Crotchet, Crutch, Encroach.]
1. A bend, turn, or curve; curvature; flexure.

Through lanes, and crooks, and darkness. --Phaer.

2. Any implement having a bent or crooked end. Especially:
(a) The staff used by a shepherd, the hook of which serves
to hold a runaway sheep.
(b) A bishop's staff of office. Cf. Pastoral staff.

He left his crook, he left his flocks. --Prior.

3. A pothook. ``As black as the crook.'' --Sir W. Scott.

4. An artifice; trick; tricky device; subterfuge.

For all yuor brags, hooks, and crooks. --Cranmer.

5. (Mus.) A small tube, usually curved, applied to a trumpet,
horn, etc., to change its pitch or key.

6. A person given to fraudulent practices; an accomplice of
thieves, forgers, etc. [Cant, U.S.]

By hook or by crook, in some way or other; by fair means or

Crook (kr??k), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Crooked (kr??kt);
p. pr. & vb. n. Crooking.] [OE. croken; cf. Sw. kr?ka, Dan.
kr?ge. See Crook, n.]
1. To turn from a straight line; to bend; to curve.

Crook the pregnant hinges of the knee. --Shak.

2. To turn from the path of rectitude; to pervert; to
misapply; to twist. [Archaic]

There is no one thing that crooks youth more than
such unlawfull games. --Ascham.

What soever affairs pass such a man's hands, he
crooketh them to his own ends. --Bacon.

Crook, v. i.
To bend; to curve; to wind; to have a curvature. `` The port
. . . crooketh like a bow.'' --Phaer.

Their shoes and pattens are snouted, and piked more
than a finger long, crooking upwards. --Camden.

Synonyms: bend, criminal, curve, felon, malefactor, outlaw, shepherd's crook, turn

See Also: abductor, accessary, accessory, arsonist, bend, bight, Billie the Kid, blackmailer, Bonney, bootlegger, briber, coconspirator, conspirator, contrabandist, curve, curved shape, desperado, desperate criminal, drug dealer, drug peddler, drug trafficker, extortioner, extortionist, firebug, flex, fugitive, fugitive from justice, gangster, gangster's moll, goon, gun moll, habitual criminal, highbinder, highjacker, hijacker, hood, hoodlum, incendiary, James, Jesse James, kidnapper, law offender, lawbreaker, liquidator, MacGregor, machinator, mafioso, manslayer, mobster, moll, mooncurser, moonshiner, murderer, offender, parolee, peddler, plotter, probationer, punk, pusher, racketeer, raper, rapist, recidivist, recurve, repeater, Rob Roy, Robert MacGregor, runner, scofflaw, smuggler, snatcher, staff, stealer, strong-armer, suborner, thief, thug, tough, toughie, traitor, treasonist, violator, William H. Bonney, wrongdoer

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