Definitions for: Credential

[n] a document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts

Webster (1913) Definition: Cre*den"tial (kr[-e]*d[e^]n"shal), a. [Cf. It.
credenziale, fr. LL. credentia. See Credence.]
Giving a title or claim to credit or confidence; accrediting.

Their credential letters on both sides. --Camden.

Cre*den"tial, n. [Cf. It. credenziale.]
1. That which gives a title to credit or confidence.

2. pl. Testimonials showing that a person is entitled to
credit, or has right to exercise official power, as the
letters given by a government to an ambassador or envoy,
or a certificate that one is a duly elected delegate.

The committee of estates excepted against the
credentials of the English commissioners.

Had they not shown undoubted credentials from the
Divine Person who sent them on such a message.

Synonyms: certificate, certification, credentials

See Also: bill of health, birth certificate, card, certificate of incorporation, commission, diploma, document, identity card, military commission, papers, probate, probate will, registration, sheepskin, teacher's certificate, teaching certificate, written document

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