Definitions for: Cortex

[n] the layer of unmyelinated neurons (the gray matter) forming the cortex of the cerebrum
[n] the tissue forming the outer layer of an organ or structure in plant or animal

Webster (1913) Definition: Cor"tex (k?r"t?ks), n.; pl. Cortices (-t?-s?z). [L.,
bark. Cf. Cork.]
1. Bark, as of a tree; hence, an outer covering.

2. (Med.) Bark; rind; specifically, cinchona bark.

3. (Anat.) The outer or superficial part of an organ; as, the
cortex or gray exterior substance of the brain.

Synonyms: cerebral cortex, cerebral mantle, pallium

Antonyms: medulla

See Also: adrenal cortex, animal tissue, archipallium, cerebrum, cortical area, cortical region, frontal lobe, Golgi cell, Golgi's cell, gray matter, gray substance, grey matter, grey substance, neocortex, neopallium, neural structure, occipital lobe, paleocortex, parietal lobe, plant tissue, prefrontal lobe, renal cortex, substantia grisea, temporal lobe

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