Definitions for: Consolidation

[n] the act of combining into an integral whole; "a consolidation of two corporations"; "after their consolidation the two bills were passed unanimously"; "the defendants asked for a consolidation of the actions against them"
[n] combining into a solid mass
[n] something that has consolidated into a compact mass; "he dropped the consolidation into the acid bath"

Webster (1913) Definition: Con*sol`i*da"tion, n. [L. consolidatio a
confirming: cf. F. consolidation.]
1. The act or process of consolidating, making firm, or
uniting; the state of being consolidated; solidification;

The consolidation of the marble and of the stone did
not fall out at random. --Woodward.

The consolidation of the great European monarchies.

2. (Bot.) To organic cohesion of different circled in a
flower; adnation.

3. (Law) The combination of several actions into one.

Synonyms: integration

See Also: amalgamation, centralisation, centralization, combination, combine, combining, combining, compounding, horizontal combination, horizontal integration, incorporation, merger, natural object, uniting, vertical combination, vertical integration

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