Definitions for: Commute

[v] transpose and remain equal in value; of variables or operators, in mathematics; "These operators commute with each other"
[v] exchange or replace with another, usually of the same kind or category; "Could you convert my dollars into pounds?"; "He changed his name"; "convert centimeters into inches"; "convert holdings into shares"
[v] exchange a penalty for a less severe one
[v] change the order or arrangement of; "Dyslexics often transpose letters in a word"
[v] travel back and forth regularly, as between one's place of work and home

Webster (1913) Definition: Com*mute", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Commuted; p. pr. &
vb. n. Commuting.] [L. commutare, -mutatum; com- + mutare
to change. See Mutation.]
To exchange; to put or substitute something else in place of,
as a smaller penalty, obligation, or payment, for a greater,
or a single thing for an aggregate; hence, to lessen; to
diminish; as, to commute a sentence of death to one of
imprisonment for life; to commute tithes; to commute charges
for fares.

The sounds water and fire, being once annexed to those
two elements, it was certainly more natural to call
beings participating of the first ``watery'', and the
last ``fiery'', than to commute the terms, and call
them by the reverse. --J. Harris

The utmost that could be obtained was that her sentence
should be commuted from burning to beheading.

Com*mute", v. i.
1. To obtain or bargain for exemption or substitution; to
effect a commutation.

He . . . thinks it unlawful to commute, and that he
is bound to pay his vow in kind. --Jer. Taylor.

2. To pay, or arrange to pay, in gross instead of part by
part; as, to commute for a year's travel over a route.

Synonyms: change, convert, exchange, permute, transpose, travel back and forth

See Also: alter, break, capitalise, capitalize, change by reversal, jaunt, launder, live out, map, rectify, replace, represent, reverse, sleep out, travel, trip, turn, utilize

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