Definitions for: Chocolate

[n] a medium to dark brown color
[n] made from roasted ground cacao beans
[n] made from baking chocolate or cocoa powder and milk and sugar
[adj] composed of or flavored or coated with chocolate

Webster (1913) Definition: Choc"o*late, n. [Sp., fr. the Mexican name of the
cacao. Cf. Cacao, Cocoa.]
1. A paste or cake composed of the roasted seeds of the
Theobroma Cacao ground and mixed with other ingredients,
usually sugar, and cinnamon or vanilla.

2. The beverage made by dissolving a portion of the paste or
cake in boiling water or milk.

Chocolate house, a house in which customers may be served
with chocolate.

Chocolate nut. See Cacao.

Synonyms: burnt umber, cocoa, coffee, deep brown, hot chocolate, umber

See Also: baking chocolate, beverage, bitter chocolate, brown, brownness, cacao bean, chocolate candy, cocoa bean, cooking chocolate, drink, drinkable, food, potable

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