Definitions for: Change Integrity

[v] change in physical make-up

See Also: aerify, blend, blow up, break, break down, break up, burn, burst, carve up, change, coalesce, collapse, combine, come apart, commingle, condense, conflate, cook, crumble, crumple, crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, crystallize, decay, decompose, demulsify, detonate, disintegrate, disperse, dissever, dissolve, divide, evaporate, explode, fall apart, flux, fuse, gasify, immix, incinerate, inspissate, jellify, jelly, liquefy, liquify, meld, merge, mix, pasteurise, pasteurize, polymerise, polymerize, reform, resolve, scatter, separate, set off, solidify, split, split up, thicken, tumble, vaporise, vaporize

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