Definitions for: Car

[n] a wheeled vehicle adapted to the rails of railroad; "three cars had jumped the rails"
[n] where passengers ride up and down; "the car was on the top floor"
[n] car suspended from an airship and carrying personnel and cargo and power plant
[n] a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway; "they took a cable car to the top of the mountain"

Webster (1913) Definition: Car, n. [OF. car, char, F. cahr, fr. L. carrus, Wagon: a
Celtic word; cf. W. car, Armor. karr, Ir. & Gael. carr. cf.
1. A small vehicle moved on wheels; usually, one having but
two wheels and drawn by one horse; a cart.

2. A vehicle adapted to the rails of a railroad. [U. S.]

Note: In England a railroad passenger car is called a railway
carriage; a freight car a goods wagon; a platform car a
goods truck; a baggage car a van. But styles of car
introduced into England from America are called cars;
as, tram car. Pullman car. See Train.

3. A chariot of war or of triumph; a vehicle of splendor,
dignity, or solemnity. [Poetic].

The gilded car of day. --Milton.

The towering car, the sable steeds. --Tennyson.

4. (Astron.) The stars also called Charles's Wain, the Great
Bear, or the Dipper.

The Pleiads, Hyads, and the Northern Car. --Dryden.

5. The cage of a lift or elevator.

6. The basket, box, or cage suspended from a balloon to
contain passengers, ballast, etc.

7. A floating perforated box for living fish. [U. S.]

Car coupling, or Car coupler, a shackle or other device
for connecting the cars in a railway train. [U. S.]

Dummy car (Railroad), a car containing its own steam power
or locomotive.

Freight car (Railrood), a car for the transportation of
merchandise or other goods. [U. S.]

Hand car (Railroad), a small car propelled by hand, used by
railroad laborers, etc. [U. S.]

Horse car, or Street car, an omnibus car, draw by horses
or other power upon rails laid in the streets. [U. S.]

Palace car, Drawing-room car, Sleeping car, {Parlor
car}, etc. (Railroad), cars especially designed and furnished
for the comfort of travelers.

Synonyms: auto, automobile, cable car, elevator car, gondola, machine, motorcar, railcar, railroad car, railway car

See Also: accelerator, accelerator pedal, air bag, airship, ambulance, auto accessory, automobile engine, automobile horn, automobile trunk, automotive vehicle, baggage car, beach waggon, beach wagon, bonnet, boot, buffer, bumper, bus, cab, cabin car, cable railway, car door, car horn, car mirror, car seat, car window, carriage, club car, coach, compact, compact car, compartment, convertible, coupe, cruiser, dirigible, door, electric, electric automobile, electric car, elevator, fender, first, first gear, floorboard, freight car, funicular, funicular railway, gas, gas pedal, gasoline engine, glove compartment, grille, guard's van, gun, hack, handcar, hardtop, hatchback, heap, high, high gear, hood, hooter, horn, horseless carriage, hot rod, hot-rod, jalopy, jeep, landrover, lift, limo, limousine, loaner, lounge car, low, low gear, luggage compartment, luggage van, mail car, minicar, minivan, Model T, motor horn, motor vehicle, pace car, passenger car, patrol car, police car, police cruiser, prowl car, race car, racer, racing car, radiator grille, railroad train, rear window, reverse, roadster, roof, runabout, running board, S.U.V., sedan, slip carriage, slip coach, sport car, sport utility, sport utility vehicle, sports car, squad car, Stanley Steamer, station waggon, station wagon, suspension, suspension system, taxi, taxicab, tender, throttle, train, trunk, two-seater, waggon, wagon, wheeled vehicle, wing

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