Definitions for: Cake

[n] a block of solid substance (such as soap or wax); "a bar of chocolate"
[n] made from or based on a mixture of flour and sugar and eggs
[n] small flat mass of chopped food
[v] form a coat over; "Dirt had coated her face"

Webster (1913) Definition: Cake (k[=a]k), n. [OE. cake, kaak; akin to Dan. kage, Sw.
& Icel. kaka, D. koek, G. kuchen, OHG. chuocho.]
1. A small mass of dough baked; especially, a thin loaf from
unleavened dough; as, an oatmeal cake; johnnycake.

2. A sweetened composition of flour and other ingredients,
leavened or unleavened, baked in a loaf or mass of any
size or shape.

3. A thin wafer-shaped mass of fried batter; a griddlecake or
pancake; as buckwheat cakes.

4. A mass of matter concreted, congealed, or molded into a
solid mass of any form, esp. into a form rather flat than
high; as, a cake of soap; an ague cake.

Cakes of rusting ice come rolling down the flood.

Cake urchin (Zo["o]l), any species of flat sea urchins
belonging to the Clypeastroidea.

Oil cake the refuse of flax seed, cotton seed, or other
vegetable substance from which oil has been expressed,
compacted into a solid mass, and used as food for cattle,
for manure, or for other purposes.

To have one's cake dough, to fail or be disappointed in
what one has undertaken or expected. --Shak.

Cake, v. i.
To form into a cake, or mass.

Cake, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Caked; p. pr. & vb. n.
To concrete or consolidate into a hard mass, as dough in an
oven; to coagulate.

Clotted blood that caked within. --Addison.

Cake, v. i.
To cackle as a goose. [Prov. Eng.]

Synonyms: bar, coat, patty

See Also: applesauce cake, baba, baked good, battercake, birthday cake, biscuit, block, Boston cream pie, bridecake, cheesecake, chiffon cake, chocolate cake, coconut cake, coffee cake, coffeecake, cookie, cooky, cover, crumb cake, cupcake, dish, Eccles cake, fish ball, fish cake, flannelcake, flapcake, flapjack, friedcake, fruitcake, gateau, genoise, gingerbread, griddlecake, honey cake, hot cake, hotcake, jumbal, jumble, layer cake, marble cake, pancake, petit four, pound cake, prune cake, rock cake, savarin, seedcake, skillet cake, spice cake, sponge cake, spread over, teacake, torte, upside-down cake, Victoria sandwich, Victoria sponge, waffle, wedding cake, white cake

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