Definitions for: Businessman

[n] a person engaged in commercial or industrial business (especially an owner or executive)

Synonyms: man of affairs

See Also: amalgamator, arb, arbitrager, arbitrageur, Asron Montgomery Ward, baron, big businessman, bourgeois, business leader, businessperson, businesswoman, Collis Potter Huntington, Cornell, David Sarnoff, E. H. Harriman, Edward Henry Harriman, Ezra Cornell, First Baron Marks of Broughton, Frank Winfield Woolworth, George Stephenson, Harriman, Henry Villard, Hill, Huntington, industrialist, J. J. Hill, James Jerome Hill, John Wanamaker, king, Leland Stanford, magnate, Marks, mogul, Montgomery Ward, oilman, operator, owner, power, proprietor, Rudolf Wurlitzer, Sarnoff, Simon Marks, small businessman, Stanford, Stephenson, syndicator, top executive, transactor, tycoon, Villard, Wanamaker, Ward, Woolworth, Wurlitzer

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