Definitions for: Bridegroom

[n] a man who has recently been married
[n] a man participant in his own marriage ceremony

Webster (1913) Definition: Bride"groom` (-gr[=oo]m`), n. [OE. bridegome,
brudgume, AS. br[=y]dguma (akin to OS. br[=u]digumo, D.
bruidegom, bruigom, OHG. pr[=u]tigomo, MHG. briutegome, G.
br["a]utigam); AS. br[=y]d bride + guma man, akin to Goth.
guma, Icel. gumi, OHG. gomo, L. homo; the insertion of r
being caused by confusion with groom. See Bride, and cf.
Groom, Homage.]
A man newly married, or just about to be married.

Synonyms: groom

See Also: honeymooner, newlywed, participant, wedding, wedding party

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