Definitions for: Belittle

[v] lessen the authority, dignity, or reputation of; "don't belittle your colleagues"
[v] express a negative opinion of; "She disparaged her student's efforts"
[v] belittle; "Don't belittle his influence"

Webster (1913) Definition: Be*lit"tle, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Belittled; p. pr. &
vb. n. Belittling.]
To make little or less in a moral sense; to speak of in a
depreciatory or contemptuous way. --T. Jefferson.

Synonyms: diminish, disparage, pick at

Antonyms: blandish, flatter

See Also: belittle, criticise, criticize, decrease, denigrate, deprecate, depreciate, derogate, discredit, disgrace, lessen, minify, minimize, pan, pick apart, talk down, tear apart, trash

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