Definitions for: Beaker

[n] a cup (usually without a handle)
[n] a flatbottomed jar made of glass or plastic; used for chemistry

Webster (1913) Definition: Beak"er, n. [OE. biker; akin to Icel. bikarr, Sw.
b["a]gare, Dan. baeger, G. becher, It. bicchiere; -- all fr.
LL. bicarium, prob. fr. Gr. ? wine jar, or perh. L. bacar
wine vessel. Cf. Pitcher a jug.]
1. A large drinking cup, with a wide mouth, supported on a
foot or standard.

2. An open-mouthed, thin glass vessel, having a projecting
lip for pouring; -- used for holding solutions requiring
heat. --Knight.

See Also: cup, jar

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