Definitions for: Automotive Vehicle

[n] a self-propelled wheeled vehicle that does not run on rails

Synonyms: motor vehicle

See Also: 4WD, airbrake, amphibian, amphibious vehicle, auto, automobile, bike, bloodmobile, bodywork, brake system, brakes, cab, car, car wheel, chassis, cooling system, doodlebug, drive line, drive line system, electrical system, engine cooling system, foot lever, foot pedal, four-wheel drive, fuel system, gear lever, gearshift, gearstick, go-kart, golf cart, golfcart, hearse, hodometer, ICE, internal-combustion engine, machine, mileometer, milometer, motorcar, motorcycle, motortruck, odometer, pedal, second, second gear, shifter, snowplough, snowplow, speed indicator, speedometer, suspension, suspension system, treadle, truck, wheeled vehicle, windscreen, windscreen wiper, windshield, windshield wiper, wiper, wiper blade

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