Definitions for: Assignation

[n] the act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; "the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives is based on the relative population of each state"
[n] a secret rendezvous (especially between lovers)

Webster (1913) Definition: As`sig*na"tion, n. [L. assignatio, fr. assignare:
cf. F. assignation.]
1. The act of assigning or allotting; apportionment.

This order being taken in the senate, as touching
the appointment and assignation of those provinces.

2. An appointment of time and place for meeting or interview;
-- used chiefly of love interviews, and now commonly in a
bad sense.

While nymphs take treats, or assignations give.

3. A making over by transfer of title; assignment.

House of assignation, a house in which appointments for
sexual intercourse are fulfilled.

Synonyms: allocation, allotment, apportioning, apportionment, parceling, parcelling, tryst

See Also: deal, distribution, grant, parcel, portion, rationing, reallocation, reallotment, reapportionment, rendezvous, share, subsidisation, subsidization

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