Definitions for: Array

[n] an arrangement of aerials spaced to give desired directional characteristics
[n] especially fine or decorative clothing
[n] an impressive display; "it was a bewildering array of books"; "his tools were in an orderly array on the basement wall"
[n] an orderly arrangement; "an array of troops in battle order"
[v] align oneself with a group or a way of thinking
[v] lay out in a line

Webster (1913) Definition: Ar*ray", n. [OE. arai, arrai, OF. arrai, arrei, arroi,
order, arrangement, dress, F. arroi; a (L. ad) + OF. rai,
rei, roi, order, arrangement, fr. G. or Scand.; cf. Goth.
raidjan, garaidjan, to arrange, MHG. gereiten, Icel.
rei[eth]i rigging, harness; akin to E. ready. Cf. Ready,
Greith, Curry.]
1. Order; a regular and imposing arrangement; disposition in
regular lines; hence, order of battle; as, drawn up in
battle array.

Wedged together in the closest array. --Gibbon.

2. The whole body of persons thus placed in order; an orderly
collection; hence, a body of soldiers.

A gallant array of nobles and cavaliers. --Prescott.

3. An imposing series of things.

Their long array of sapphire and of gold. --Byron.

4. Dress; garments disposed in order upon the person; rich or
beautiful apparel. --Dryden.

5. (Law)
(a) A ranking or setting forth in order, by the proper
officer, of a jury as impaneled in a cause.
(b) The panel itself.
(c) The whole body of jurors summoned to attend the court.

To challenge the array (Law), to except to the whole panel.
--Cowell. --Tomlins. --Blount.

Commission of array (Eng. Hist.), a commission given by the
prince to officers in every county, to muster and array
the inhabitants, or see them in a condition for war.

Ar*ray", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Arrayed; p. pr. & vb. n.
Arraying.] [OE. araien, arraien, fr. OE. arraier, arreier,
arreer, arroier, fr. arrai. See Array, n.]
1. To place or dispose in order, as troops for battle; to

By torch and trumpet fast arrayed, Each horseman
drew his battle blade. --Campbell.

These doubts will be arrayed before their minds.

2. To deck or dress; to adorn with dress; to cloth to
envelop; -- applied esp. to dress of a splendid kind.

Pharaoh . . . arrayed him in vestures of fine linen.
--Gen. xli.?.

In gelid caves with horrid gloom arrayed.

3. (Law) To set in order, as a jury, for the trial of a
cause; that is, to call them man by man. --Blackstone.

To array a panel, to set forth in order the men that are
impaneled. --Cowell. --Tomlins.

Syn: To draw up; arrange; dispose; set in order.

Synonyms: align, finery, lay out, raiment, range, regalia, set out

See Also: apparel, arrange, arrangement, article of clothing, bank, clothes, clothing, column, compart, directional antenna, display, fall in line, matrix, panoply, row, set up, spectrum, stand, table, tabular array, vesture, war paint, wear, wearing apparel

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