Definitions for: Affirmation

[n] a judgment by a higher court that the judgment of a lower court was correct and should stand
[n] a solemn declaration that serves the same purpose as an oath (if an oath is objectionable to the person on religious or ethical grounds)
[n] a statement asserting the existence or the truth of something
[n] the act of affirming or asserting or stating something

Webster (1913) Definition: Af`fir*ma"tion, n. [L. affirmatio: cf. F.
1. Confirmation of anything established; ratification; as,
the affirmation of a law. --Hooker.

2. The act of affirming or asserting as true; assertion; --
opposed to negation or denial.

3. That which is asserted; an assertion; a positive
statement; an averment; as, an affirmation, by the vender,
of title to property sold, or of its quality.

4. (Law) A solemn declaration made under the penalties of
perjury, by persons who conscientiously decline taking an
oath, which declaration is in law equivalent to an oath.

Synonyms: avouchment, avowal, statement

Antonyms: reversal

See Also: affirmative, assertion, asseveration, averment, commitment, dedication, judgement, judgment, judicial decision, professing, profession, reaffirmation, reassertion, say-so, speech act

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