Definitions for: Adult Female

[n] a female that has reached the adult age

Synonyms: woman

Antonyms: adult male, man

See Also: adult female body, amazon, baggage, bar girl, bas bleu, bawd, beauty, B-girl, Black woman, bluestocking, bridesmaid, broad, cat, Cinderella, cocotte, coquette, cyprian, dame, deb, debutante, Delilah, dish, divorcee, dominatrix, donna, enchantress, Eve, ex, exwife, eyeful, fancy woman, female, female person, femme fatale, fille, flirt, geisha, geisha girl, gentlewoman, girl, girlfriend, gold digger, grass widow, gravida, harlot, head nurse, heroine, houri, inamorata, jezebel, jilt, kept woman, knockout, lady, lady friend, lady of pleasure, looker, lulu, ma'am, madam, maenad, mantrap, married woman, matron, mestiza, minx, miss, missy, mistress, nanny, nullipara, nurse, nursemaid, nymph, nymphet, old woman, peach, prickteaser, prostitute, ravisher, shiksa, shikse, siren, smasher, sporting lady, stunner, sweetheart, sylph, tart, tease, temptress, trollop, unmarried woman, vamp, vamper, vestal, virago, white woman, whore, widow, widow woman, wife, woman of the street, woman's body, working girl, yellow woman, young lady, young woman

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