Definitions for: Address

[n] social skill
[n] (computer science) the code that identifies where a piece of information is stored
[n] written directions for finding some location; written on letters or packages that are to be delivered to that location
[n] a sign in front of a house or business carrying the conventional form by which its location is described
[n] the manner of speaking to another individual; "he failed in his manner of address to the captain"
[n] the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience; "he listened to an address on minor Roman poets"
[n] the place where a person or organization can be found or communicated with
[v] speak to; "He addressed the crowd outside the window"
[v] give a speech to; "The chairman addressed the board of trustees"
[v] speak to someone
[v] put an address on (an envelope, for example)
[v] deal with verbally or in some form of artistic expression; "This book deals with incest"; "The course covered all of Western Civilization"; "The new book treats the history of China"
[v] direct a question at someone
[v] address or apply oneself to something, direct one's efforts towards something, such as a question
[v] greet, as with a prescribed form, title, or name; "He always addresses me with `Sir'"; "Call me Mister"; "She calls him by first name"

Webster (1913) Definition: Ad*dress", v. t. [imp. & p. p. Addressed; p. pr. &
vb. n. Addressing.] [OE. adressen to raise erect, adorn,
OF. adrecier, to straighten, address, F. adresser, fr. [`a]
(L. ad) + OF. drecier, F. dresser, to straighten, arrange.
See Dress, v.]
1. To aim; to direct. [Obs.] --Chaucer.

And this good knight his way with me addrest.

2. To prepare or make ready. [Obs.]

His foe was soon addressed. --Spenser.

Turnus addressed his men to single fight. --Dryden.

The five foolish virgins addressed themselves at the
noise of the bridegroom's coming. --Jer. Taylor.

3. Reflexively: To prepare one's self; to apply one's skill
or energies (to some object); to betake.

These men addressed themselves to the task.

4. To clothe or array; to dress. [Archaic]

Tecla . . . addressed herself in man's apparel.

5. To direct, as words (to any one or any thing); to make, as
a speech, petition, etc. (to any one, an audience).

The young hero had addressed his players to him for
his assistance. --Dryden.

6. To direct speech to; to make a communication to, whether
spoken or written; to apply to by words, as by a speech,
petition, etc., to speak to; to accost.

Are not your orders to address the senate?

The representatives of the nation addressed the
king. --Swift.

7. To direct in writing, as a letter; to superscribe, or to
direct and transmit; as, he addressed a letter.

8. To make suit to as a lover; to court; to woo.

9. (Com.) To consign or intrust to the care of another, as
agent or factor; as, the ship was addressed to a merchant
in Baltimore.

To address one's self to.
(a) To prepare one's self for; to apply one's self to.
(b) To direct one's speech or discourse to.

Ad*dress", v. i.
1. To prepare one's self. [Obs.] ``Let us address to tend on
Hector's heels.'' --Shak.

2. To direct speech. [Obs.]

Young Turnus to the beauteous maid addrest.

Note: The intransitive uses come from the dropping out of the
reflexive pronoun.

Ad*dress, n. [Cf. F. adresse. See Address, v. t.]
1. Act of preparing one's self. [Obs.] --Jer Taylor.

2. Act of addressing one's self to a person; verbal

3. A formal communication, either written or spoken; a
discourse; a speech; a formal application to any one; a
petition; a formal statement on some subject or special
occasion; as, an address of thanks, an address to the

4. Direction or superscription of a letter, or the name,
title, and place of residence of the person addressed.

5. Manner of speaking to another; delivery; as, a man of
pleasing or insinuating address.

6. Attention in the way one's addresses to a lady. --Addison.

7. Skill; skillful management; dexterity; adroitness.

Syn: Speech; discourse; harangue; oration; petition; lecture;
readiness; ingenuity; tact; adroitness.

Ad*dress", v. t.

To address the ball (Golf), to take aim at the ball,
adjusting the grip on the club, the attitude of the body,
etc., to a convenient position. Adenoid Ad"e*noid, n.
A swelling produced by overgrowth of the adenoid tissue in
the roof of the pharynx; -- usually in pl.

Synonyms: accost, call, come up to, computer address, cover, deal, destination, direct, handle, name and address, plow, savoir-faire, speak, treat, turn to

See Also: abode, address, address, aim, allocution, apply, approach, ask, blaze away, body, broach, business address, call, close, closing, code, colloquium, come, come up, communicate, computer code, conclusion, delivery, direct, direction, discourse, discourse, discuss, dithyramb, employ, end, ending, epilog, epilogue, geographic point, geographical point, Gettysburg Address, greet, harangue, impromptu, inaugural, inaugural address, initiate, instruction, instrument, intercommunicate, introduction, keynote, label, lecture, letter, litany, mailing address, manner of speaking, memorialise, memorialize, missive, oral presentation, oratory, place, point, postal code, postcode, poste restante, preaching, public lecture, public speaking, re-address, recognise, recognize, residence, return address, sermon, speaking, speech, speech act, speechmaking, spiel, street address, street sign, tact, tactfulness, talk, talk, talk about, target, theologise, theologize, turn to, uniform resource locator, universal resource locator, URL, use, utilise, utilize, zip code

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