Definitions for: Vulture

[n] any of various large diurnal birds of prey having naked heads and weak claws and feeding chiefly on carrion
[n] someone who attacks in search of booty

Webster (1913) Definition: Vul"ture (?; 135), n. [OE. vultur, L. vultur: cf. OF.
voltour, F. vautour.] (Zo["o]l.)
Any one of numerous species of rapacious birds belonging to
Vultur, Cathartes, Catharista, and various other genera
of the family Vulturid[ae].

Note: In most of the species the head and neck are naked or
nearly so. They feed chiefly on carrion. The condor,
king vulture, turkey buzzard, and black vulture
(Catharista atrata) are well known American species.
The griffin, lammergeir, and Pharaoh's chicken, or
Egyptian vulture, are common Old World vultures.

Synonyms: marauder, predator

See Also: Aegypiidae, aggressor, assailant, assaulter, attacker, bird of prey, cathartid, family Aegypiidae, New World vulture, Old World vulture, raptor, raptorial bird

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