Definitions for: Volvox

[n] type genus of the Volvocaceae; minute pale green flagellates occurring in tiny spherical colonies; minute flagella rotate the colony about an axis

Webster (1913) Definition: Vol"vox, n. (Bot.)
A genus of minute, pale-green, globular, organisms, about one
fiftieth of an inch in diameter, found rolling through water,
the motion being produced by minute colorless cilia. It has
been considered as belonging to the flagellate Infusoria, but
is now referred to the vegetable kingdom, and each globule is
considered a colony of many individuals. The commonest
species is Volvox globator, often called globe animalcule.

Synonyms: genus Volvox

See Also: family Volvocaceae, protoctist genus, Volvocaceae

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