Definitions for: Spoliation

[n] the act of stripping and taking by force
[n] (law) the intentional destruction of a document or an alteration of it that destroys its value as evidence

Webster (1913) Definition: Spo`li*a"tion, n. [L. spoliatio; cf. F. spoliation.
See Spoil, v. t.]
1. The act of plundering; robbery; deprivation; despoliation.

Legal spoliation, which will impoverish one part of
the community in order to corrupt the remainder.
--Sir G. C.

2. Robbery or plunder in war; especially, the authorized act
or practice of plundering neutrals at sea.

3. (Eccl. Law)
(a) The act of an incumbent in taking the fruits of his
benefice without right, but under a pretended title.
(b) A process for possession of a church in a spiritual

4. (Law) Injury done to a document.

Synonyms: despoilation, despoilment, despoliation, spoil, spoilation

See Also: destruction, devastation, pillage, pillaging, plundering

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