Definitions for: Resignation

[n] a formal document giving notice of your intention to resign; "he submitted his resignation as of next month"
[n] the act of giving up (a claim or office or possession etc.)
[n] acceptance of despair

Webster (1913) Definition: Res`ig*na"tion (r?z`?g-n?"sh?n), n. [F.
r['e]signation. See Resign.]
1. The act of resigning or giving up, as a claim, possession,
office, or the like; surrender; as, the resignation of a
crown or comission.

2. The state of being resigned or submissive; quiet or
patient submission; unresisting acquiescence; as,
resignation to the will and providence of God.

Syn: Patience; surrender; relinquisment; forsaking;
abandonment; abdication; renunciation; submission;
acquiescence; endurance. See Patience.

Synonyms: surrender

See Also: abdication, defeatism, despair, document, papers, renouncement, renunciation, speech act, stepping down, written document

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