Definitions for: Replicate

[v] make or do or perform again; "He could never replicate his brilliant performance of the magic trick"
[v] biology: reproduce or make an exact copy of; "replicate the cell"; "copy the genetic information"
[v] bend or turn backward

Webster (1913) Definition: Rep"li*cate (-?-k?t), v. t.
To reply. [Obs.]

Rep"li*cate (l?-k?t), Replicated Rep"li*ca`ted
(-k?`t?d), a. [L. replicatus, p. p. of replicare. See
Folded over or backward; folded back upon itself; as, a
replicate leaf or petal; a replicate margin of a shell.

Synonyms: double, duplicate, reduplicate, repeat, retroflex

See Also: bend, copy, flex, geminate, recapitulate, replicate, reproduce

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