Definitions for: Phlox

[n] any polemoniaceous plant of the genus Phlox; chiefly North American; cultivated for their clusters of flowers

Webster (1913) Definition: Phlox, n. [L., a kind of flower, fr. Gr. ? flame, fr. ?
to burn.] (Bot.)
A genus of American herbs, having showy red, white, or purple

Phlox worm (Zo["o]l.), the larva of an American moth
(Heliothis phloxiphaga). It is destructive to phloxes.

Phlox subulata, the moss pink. See under Moss.

See Also: chickweed phlox, dwarf phlox, evening-snow, fringed pink, genus Phlox, ground pink, herb, herbaceous plant, Linanthus dianthiflorus, Linanthus dichotomus, moss phlox, moss pink, mountain phlox, Phlox bifida, Phlox stellaria, Phlox subulata, sand phlox

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