Definitions for: Horseman

[n] a person who breeds and cares for horses
[n] a man skilled in equitation

Webster (1913) Definition: Horse"man, n.; pl. Horsemen.
1. A rider on horseback; one skilled in the management of
horses; a mounted man.

2. (Mil.) A mounted soldier; a cavalryman.

3. (Zo["o]l.)
(a) A land crab of the genus Ocypoda, living on the
coast of Brazil and the West Indies, noted for running
very swiftly.
(b) A West Indian fish of the genus Eques, as the
light-horseman (E. lanceolatus).

Synonyms: equestrian, horse fancier, horseback rider

See Also: animal fancier, broncobuster, buster, fox hunter, horsewoman, jockey, picador, postilion, postillion, rider, roughrider

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