Definitions for: Heterodox

[adj] characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards

Webster (1913) Definition: Het"er*o*dox, a. [Gr. ?; ? other + ? opinion; cf. F.
1. Contrary to, or differing from, some acknowledged
standard, as the Bible, the creed of a church, the decree
of a council, and the like; not orthodox; heretical; --
said of opinions, doctrines, books, etc., esp. upon
theological subjects.

Raw and indigested, heterodox, preaching. --Strype.

2. Holding heterodox opinions, or doctrines not orthodox;
heretical; -- said of persons. --Macaulay. --
Het"er*o*dox`ly, adv. -- Het"er*o*dox`ness, n.

Het"er*o*dox, n.
An opinion opposed to some accepted standard. [Obs.] --Sir T.

Synonyms: dissident, heretical, unorthodox

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