Definitions for: Fusil

[n] a light flintlock musket

Webster (1913) Definition: Fu"sil, a. [L. fusilis molten, fluid, fr. fundere,
fusum, to pour, cast. See Fuse, v. t.]
1. Capable of being melted or rendered fluid by heat;
fusible. [R.] ``A kind of fusil marble'' --Woodward.

2. Running or flowing, as a liquid. [R.] ``A fusil sea.''
--J. Philips.

3. Formed by melting and pouring into a mold; cast; founded.
[Obs.] --Milton.

Fu"sil, n. [F. fusil, LL. fosile a steel for kindling
fire, from L. focus hearth, fireplace, in LLL. fire. See
Focus, and cf. Fusee a firelock.]
A light kind of flintlock musket, formerly in use.

Fu"sil, n. [See 3d Fusee.] (Her.)
A bearing of a rhomboidal figure; -- named from its shape,
which resembles that of a spindle.

Note: It differs from a lozenge in being longer in proportion
to its width.

See Also: musket

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