Definitions for: Farther

[adv] to or at a greater distance in time or space (`farther' is used more frequently than `further' in this physical sense); "farther north"; "moved farther away"; "farther down the corridor"; "the practice may go back still farther to the Druids"; "went only three miles further"; "further in the future"
[adv] to or at a greater extent or degree or a more advanced stage (`further' is used more often than `farther' in this abstract sense); "further complicated by uncertainty about the future"; "let's not discuss it further"; "nothing could be further from the truth"; "they are further along in their research than we expected"; "the application of the law was extended farther"; "he is going no farther in his studies"
[adj] more distant in especially space or time; "they live in the farther house"
[adj] more distant in especially degree; "nothing could be further from the truth"; "further from our expectations"; "farther from the truth"; "farther from our expectations"

Webster (1913) Definition: Far"ther (f[aum]r"[th][~e]r), a., compar. of Far.
[superl. Farthest (-[th][e^]st). See Further.] [For
farrer, OE. ferrer, compar. of far; confused with further.
Cf. Farthest.]
1. More remote; more distant than something else.

2. Tending to a greater distance; beyond a certain point;
additional; further.

Before our farther way the fates allow. --Dryden.

Let me add a farther Truth. --Dryden.

Some farther change awaits us. --MIlton.

Far"ther, adv.
1. At or to a greater distance; more remotely; beyond; as,
let us rest with what we have, without looking farther.

2. Moreover; by way of progress in treating a subject; as,
farther, let us consider the probable event.

No farther, (used elliptically for) go no farther; say no
more, etc.

It will be dangerous to go on. No farther ! --Shak.

Far"ther, v. t.
To help onward. [R.] See Further.

Synonyms: far, further, further

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