Definitions for: Equestrian

[n] a man skilled in equitation
[adj] of or relating to or featuring horseback riding
[adj] of or relating to or composed of knights

Webster (1913) Definition: E*ques"tri*an, a. [L. equester, from eques
horseman, fr. equus horse: cf. F. ['e]questre. See Equine.]
1. Of or pertaining to horses or horsemen, or to
horsemanship; as, equestrian feats, or games.

2. Being or riding on horseback; mounted; as, an equestrian

An equestrian lady appeared upon the plains.

3. Belonging to, or composed of, the ancient Roman equities
or knights; as, the equestrian order. --Burke.

E*ques"tri*an, n.
One who rides on horseback; a horseman; a rider.

Synonyms: horseback rider, horseman

See Also: broncobuster, buster, fox hunter, horsewoman, jockey, picador, postilion, postillion, rider, roughrider

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