Definitions for: Entrant

[n] a commodity that enters competition with established merchandise; "a well publicized entrant is the pocket computer"
[n] one who enters a competition
[n] someone who enters; "new entrants to the country must go though immigration procedures"
[n] any new participant in some activity

Webster (1913) Definition: En"trant, n. [See Entrance, n.]
1. One who enters; a beginner. ``The entrant upon life.''
--Bp. Terrot.

2. An applicant for admission. --Stormonth.

Synonyms: fledgeling, fledgling, freshman, neophyte, newcomer, starter

See Also: beginner, commodity, contestant, enlistee, goods, initiate, interloper, intruder, novice, recruit, tiro, trade goods, traveler, traveller, trespasser, tyro

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