Definitions for: Emprise

Webster (1913) Definition: Em*prise", n. [OF. emprise, fr. emprendre to
undertake; pref. em- (L. in) + F. prendre to take, L.
prehendere, prendere; prae before + a verb akin to E. get.
See Get, and cf. Enterprise, Impresa.] [Archaic]
1. An enterprise; endeavor; adventure. --Chaucer.

In brave pursuit of chivalrous emprise. --Spenser.

The deeds of love and high emprise. --Longfellow.

2. The qualifies which prompt one to undertake difficult and
dangerous exploits.

I love thy courage yet and bolt emprise; But here
thy sword can do thee little stead. --Milton.

Em*prise", v. t.
To undertake. [Obs.] --Sackville.

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