Definitions for: Battel

Webster (1913) Definition: Bat"tel, n. [Obs. form. of Battle.] (Old Eng. Law)
A single combat; as, trial by battel. See Wager of battel,
under Wager.

Bat"tel, n. [Of uncertain etymology.]
Provisions ordered from the buttery; also, the charges for
them; -- only in the pl., except when used adjectively.
[Univ. of Oxford, Eng.]

Bat"tel, v. i.
To be supplied with provisions from the buttery. [Univ. of
Oxford, Eng.]

Bat"tel, v. t. [Cf. Batful, Batten, v. i.]
To make fertile. [Obs.] ``To battel barren land.'' --Ray.

Bat"tel, a.
Fertile; fruitful; productive. [Obs.]

A battel soil for grain, for pasture good. --Fairfax.

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