Definitions for: Arbiter

[n] someone chosen to judge and decide a disputed issue
[n] someone with the power to settle matters at will; "she was the final arbiter on all matters of fashion"

Webster (1913) Definition: Ar"bi*ter, n. [L. arbiter; ar- (for ad) + the root of
betere to go; hence properly, one who comes up to look on.]
1. A person appointed, or chosen, by parties to determine a
controversy between them.

Note: In modern usage, arbitrator is the technical word.

2. Any person who has the power of judging and determining,
or ordaining, without control; one whose power of deciding
and governing is not limited.

For Jove is arbiter of both to man. --Cowper.

Syn: Arbitrator; umpire; director; referee; controller;
ruler; governor.

Ar"bi*ter, v. t.
To act as arbiter between. [Obs.]

Synonyms: arbitrator, supreme authority

See Also: expert, go-between, intermediary, intermediator, mediator, third party

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